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Practical Buddhism

Author - Ven. Jampa Choephal
Date - 26/04/12

What is Buddhism for us as beginners? How do we practically implement the teachings into our daily activities?

No matter what our faith, the important thing is to live each day upholding the basic tenets and ideas as well as live by the ethical disciplines of the tradition. This is important as it is the core of our practice and spirituality. As well, when we have the opportunity to receive instruction or teachings we should take time afterwards to see how we might implement them practically and efficiently within our day. 

It is important to contemplate what we have heard, to ask questions either formally or informally so we may then understand what has been said and how it can affect us. Knowledge of our faith gives us the tools to make real changes in our lives, to understand more will only assist us with the ability to transform our lifestyle.

After gaining some idea about our tradition and the teachings we can start each day by setting an intention, taking ideas such as patience or kindness and setting a motivation to attempt throughout the day to use these in different situations, to identify times when they may be helpful and to try our best to actually use them during these times. In this way we are pro-active in our activities, we remove doubts and uncertainties and avoid being complacent or negative, it is up to each of us to live our lives as well as possible.

Enlightenment cannot be given to us by the Buddha, we need to step up, take control, apply the teachings and take the personal journey to transform our lives.

Buddhism needs to be something practical in our lives. Putting effort into gaining a clearer understanding, then practising as best we can, makes the most of this precious opportunity we have.